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Welcome Story Rebel!

This is your portal to the past and future land of Anksi. As you enter don’t forget your thought journal and your imagination; they will be vital to your mission! Always remember to share and upload your stories and ideas. You never know what Anksian mysteries you might help solve. Be brave and step through, we need your help!

A call to action from other Story Rebels!

What are your values as a Story Rebel?

  • Your ideas matter to us
  • Share them with other Story Rebels 
  • Protect your identity- keep it a secret 
  • Ask an adult to help you upload your ideas 
  • Tell us a story or show us your ideas, artefacts (but don’t reveal your identity!) 
  • This is a secret mission- you can do it! 
Feel free to print this training sheet to help you on your journey and record your thoughts and what you find.
Story Rebels - character sheet.jpg
How do you imagine a shared future full of hope? 
Are you a story rebel? Are you an explorer? Work together. Share stories.
Your mission starts here. 
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